Sogolee AB Series (Screw-In Nozzle)

Item No. MU-100
3-in-1 Airbrush.
0.2mm Nozzle. With Massager
Needle Cap. 1cc Paint Cup.add

& 15cc cup.
Professional Cosmetic Airbrush
Skin Care Capsular, Skin Care Oil, Face SPA
Satin, Matte, Gold Rush Metallic Foundation, eye shadows, Face Blush, Nail Spray. Available for 8psi Low Pressure.


Item No. AB-100
0.18mm Nozzle. 0.8cc Paint Cup.
Single/Double Action.


Item No. AB-200
0.2mm Nozzle 2cc Paint Cup with Lid..
Single/Double Action


Item No. AB-300
0.3mm Nozzle. 7cc Paint Cup.
22 K Gold Plated Milled Handle.
Double Action.

Item No. HP-101
0.3mm Nozzle, 7cc Side Cup.
Gravity Feed. Double Action.
Paint Fluid Contro

2010-5-13 5-17